One thought on “Isu Tabung Haji goncang tiang seri Umno, kata penganalisis

  1. Rufinito

    >> if it is heavily suiisdbsed by the rich and top people, it is free. In which cuntree, and in which universe is this fictitious cuntree?!? Get your head out of your arse and real lah. Where are you living…in some magical kingdom or in very corrupt SE Asia? It is never subsidized by the top. It is the duty of the top to con the bottom into thinking that they (the top) “care”. They don’t. The most talented top people con the losers at the bottom to “subsidize” their lavish lifestyles. Notice how Asian leaders live in very nice houses whilst the blur Loser Sheeple wonder where all their money goes to.In politics, the name of the game is POWER. To get power, make friends with the rich and powerful, and then use politics to screw the poor.Sound familiar?

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